About Us

Meet our new Location.

As of March 8th 2023 we have moved to our new location at 2101 E. Arapahoe Road.  
Our new location is a larger and updated space that will allow us to provide you with an even better shopping experience.

Here are some of the highlights of our new location:

Thank you for your new and continued patronage!

Tammy and Jeff

About Us

We are a family-owned business since 2009, we are here and ready to serve you, conveniently located in Centennial, Colorado. 

At Centennial Gold and Silver, we provide an assortment of high-quality coins, gold, silver and platinum. We work with a variety of people including Trust and Estate Lawyers. We help their clients find the true and full value of their inherited coins.

We provide gold buying services and are more than happy to purchase your precious metals, coins, gold and silver,  jewelry, silver flatware and much more! 

We can give you an honest idea of the value of your US and World coins, US and World bullion, and US and World paper currency at our store. Simply bring in your coins, precious metals, or antiquities and we can tell you what they are worth over the counter. It's a quick process that's fast, and easy. Often times, our customers walk away with knowledge they didn't have beforehand.

Whether you're adding to your coin collection or selling your collectibles, you need to visit us today. 

Thank you for your new and continued patronage!

In Memory of Tom Osieczanek

Centennial Gold and Silver was founded by Thomas Osieczanek, who fulfilled his dream of opening a coin shop. Although he passed away in October 2021, his family is committed to keeping his legacy alive and continuing to provide excellent customer service and fair prices to customers. While the shop has undergone some rebranding, the promise of top dollar for collections and low prices for buyers remains unchanged.

At Centennial Gold and Silver, we understand that selling valuables can be a confusing and frustrating experience. That's why we emphasize personalized customer service and take the time to educate our clients and answer their questions. We want you to feel comfortable with our company, our offer, and the entire process, and we will never pressure you into selling your items. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest offerings and news.

Photo Tom Osieczanek
Photos Maverick the Golden Employee
Photo Maverick the Golden Employee

Meet Our Golden Employee

Maverick is our golden employee! Why well as a Golden English Cream Retriever. When he is working his job is to guard the shop and welcome customers! Stop in to say hi to this puppy. 

*note that Maverick may not always be in the store